Android Nougat Release Date Set August 22 For Nexus

Google Nougat release is just around the corner, where Latest Android 7.0 update features are already out before the release. Android nougat release date set to be on august 22nd, as nexus device set to receive the update. This update is slightly ahead of its scheduled release & set to update the Nexus 5X and 6P initially. These date appeared on US network carrier Telus’s forums.

android nougat release date

The company released the developer preview two months ago fro developers to get hang of it. Most of the mobile carriers will be seeding the update next soon after nexus update. Canadian operator Telus confirms final android 7.0 nougat will be rolling out to Huawei made Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X this starting week. More to this LG has confirmed Android 7.0 Nougat will be seeded to korean units of G5 model from monday itself. This official confirmation confirm the final build will be out soon enough, so watch for it. Sony on the other hand, already released the AOSP code of Android 7.0.

android nougat release date
Image Credits Telus Forums

Android N boasting lot of improvements over predecessor version, updated tweaks and many bug fixes in software region. Design is getting more cleaner and simple than ever & super flexible & clever notifications. Keeping device compatibility to run better on older devices, improved memory management & smoother user experience. In addition split-screen multitasking will be the stock android OS feature now, something we already seen in samsung devices. So running two apps or screen sharing over video call will be the one hell of a feature for any user. Nougat update also bring the joy in section of shortcuts, quick setting turnaround in settings menu is the one the many useful things.

So where is next nexus flagship, on android nougat release date?

Around the Android Nougat Release Date, report suggesting google will launch brand new smartphones on there own, and will not have Nexus branding anymore. Google new device is rumored to be working with HTC, which is not yet confirmed by any means. This is exciting in itself because, huawei made the last nexus device and they were just around border to meet customer expectation. Apart from all this LG V20 will be the first non nexus line smart device who get the latest Android OS Nougat update.

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