1and1 Webmail, Web Hosting & Domain Registration Review

1&1 is one well known brand in internet services specially in domain industry. They also offer 1and1 webmail, hosting, domain service, cloud servers & emails services. This review comprise, the 1&1 service experience compared against the different usage environment and overall product value delivered to the end user.

1and1 webmail

1and1 Webmail Review – Introduction

So who was & is 1&1 as an organization? one of the biggest seller of website hosting products & domain registration provider. They have established in 1988 as web hosting company by Ralph Dommermuth. Early stages they were the re-seller of technology based products and some online services, later they primarily become web hosting company for small to medium size businesses.

As any webmaster or user who is looking for shared web hosting, wordpress hosting, managed cloud hosting, 1and1 webmail or new domain registration/renew, what will be they expecting? price, features, performance and quality support. So collectively based on these, will be reaching to conclusion in end finding out how worthy are 1&1 web services for you.

[alert-announce]Cloud Server Specifications[/alert-announce]

1&1 website advertise a lot in every possible way, you find them over big hording, magazines and fighting over google ad-words in google search engine. New cloud server option use SSD, so site’s page load speed are fast, with 11x compression ratio & along with unlimited storage, the dynamic 1&1 Cloud server offers a value to performance. So does this much of advertising means anything in real world performance? Let’s find out next.

Basic shared hosting has lot of features of unlimited webspace & websites with free SSL certificate. moreover plus & pro plans will get 1&1 CDN, SiteLock Basic with 2GB RAM guaranteed. Initially new user, gets a free domain name on registration, that’s the money saving deal.

1and webmail
1& Shared Web Hosting Plan Features & Price


Managed wordpress hosting many bloggers and services choose wordpress for their websites. Many pro and basic users opt for managed solution, so they can concentrate on content rather than maintaining technical part of webpage. All wordpress security bug fix and security patch updates handled by the managed team for you. Plan includes powerful SSD storage, which indeed a performance boost up to 50% for SQL databases and website load time performance. From one basic wordpress website plan of 50Gb SSD space to unlimited website pro plan. Get 20% off premium themes from TemplateMonster is a added bonus.

1and1 webmail
1&1 Managed WordPress Hosting Plans


Then there is 1&1 managed cloud hosting solution, by choosing the web server, data center, scripting language and applications for professional business level plans. This offers SSD SAN Storage with Solidfire for most customized requirement include MariaDB, PHP 7.0, Nginx & Apache configuration. At hardware front 2 full cores of server available for selection with 4 GB of RAM & 120 GB of Pure Solid state disk space (SSD). Unlike shared hosting you get dedicated resources for heavy traffic website. Firewalls & Load Balancers handle web traffic efficiently with CPU, RAM adjustments and you can select them as per your requirements.

1and1 webmail
1and1 Managed Cloud Hosting Plans


1 and1 Features

  • Unlimited Databases, Emails, & Apps – Unlimited Storage, Domains, Email Accounts & 140 Click-and-Build Apps to webpage for your choice. 1and1 webmail are the cheapest service in industry.
  • WordPress-Friendly Hosting – Easy installations of popular web content management systems. In 1and1 login you get WordPress, Drupal, Magento installations over managed hosting.
  • 1&1 MyWebsite – Custom site building tools for desktop & mobile. Features like drag-and-drop, eCommerce website builder, ready templates for mobiles site as well.
  • SEO Tools – 50$ bing advertising free, SEO assistant tools to increase SERP (search engine results page) in google.
  • Security Service – DDoS Protection with SiteLock Protection & CDN services protects against malicious malware. Webspace recovery with Geo-redundant servers.


[alert-note]What’s good in 1&1 Web Hosting[/alert-note]

To be realistic for the money you paying, that’s worth you gets it. 1&1 Brand has build there name over 26 years, so its well known company to get started with.

Price – 1&1 cost for web hosting are super cheap for new users, so beginners get it for $ 0.99 a month Unlimited Plan for 1 year & up to $ 8.99/month for Unlimited Pro Plan.

1and1 webmail
Cheap Web Hosting 1&1 At $0.99/month

For this lowest price, unlimited option is a great deal & pricing bracket similar to Hostgator, Bluehost & GoDaddy for new users. But for the price unlimited web space, database size, no website limitation & performance is little better to any of them.

Hosting Options, Specs & Apps – Mainly 1&1 is grown into one of the biggest domain registrars by giving free with hosting plan & selling on cheap for new sign-ups. Like many top website providers 1 click installer apps, 1and1 webmail, popular CMS installations & daily server backups included if something goes wrong with your website.

[alert-note]Bad In 1&1 Services[/alert-note]

Performance – Everyone along with google want your site to load rapidly, and one of the aspect depend on web server you using to host your website. As a known brand 1&1 promises of 99% of uptime, and they deliver it with almost 100% uptime & reliability, check the results at Cloud Spectator & VerifiyUp. According to speed test, First Byte Time (TTFB) is not the best one but not the worst one either in competition to Hostgator, GoDaddy Or Bluehost. If you running new website or everyday blog with small webpage site, you won’t notice much of a difference, so its best for beginner bloggers. I am saying this because it has PHP memory limit up to 256M, then usual sites limit to 32/64M. This helps your website to load quicker once the TTFB responded and connection is made.

Interface & Usability – Managing back-end of the hosting service is as important as managing content on your website, when you are not on managed web hosting. cPanel is the popular and well known control panel. Many hosting companies use cPanel & it’s very popular among web users & webmasters. 1and1 webmail service is fairly simple to use but 1&1 control panel don’t use cPanel instead own custom build Plesk ONYX and it’s confusing for some new users to get hold of those options bloated with advertisements.

Customer Service – One&one web hosting offers telephone and email support for customers. Telephone support available for U.S and international customers. Support over telephone it’s not up to mark, as hold time and abrupt disconnection are too frequent. Email support is also little slow even if your site is down and you are in big trouble, many also report the solution over email isn’t complete which adds up more time for resolution. Moreover, you could buy the plan try out and cancel with 30-day money back guarantee.


So 1&1 hosting services are that bad? I would say there domain services are the cheapest one in the industry, 1and1 webmail services are descent enough for the price point and perform really well. For web hosting perspective, linux web hosting of unlimited plan is great for those who are starting personal blog with minimum project size and processing requirement. It would be best fit for budget web hosting of single website and not at all recommended for multiple website hosting.

1and1 Ratings
  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Features
  • Security
  • Support
  • Pricing


1and1 webmail service is best for money you pay, where as unlimited linux web hosting is decent enough for first one year of subscription for new website having low visitor traffic.


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